Payment will be STRICTLY be requested through PayPal invoice in EUR (€).


- Rushed orders and Deadline orders have to be paid in full upfront.

- Any order under 200€ has to be paid in full upfront.

- Any order equal or greather than 200€ has an option to send a 50% down payment to reserve the order, and the balance upon completion and approval of the sketches. Can also be paid in full upfront.

- Any order greater than 825€ has an option to be paid in 3 increments. First third has to be paid upfront, second third has to be paid upon completion and approval of the sketches, and the last third has to be paid upon completion of the order. Can also be paid half/half or in full upfront.

- Due to many delayed payments issues, E-checks are accepted but your commission won't be queued up/started/delivered before the payment has been cleared

I will be giving you an estimated price and turnaround time of your order after I've inspected your commission form. If you can't afford it but still wish to commission me, your order can be put on hold until you have the funds ready. 

You may accumulate several discounts on one order (returning client, team member...). Discounts can't go above 30%.

- Returning clients get 10% off

- Long-time and regular returning clients get an extra 10% off

- Referred clients get 5% off their first order (must be referred by another client)


You have 3 options when placing an order.

- Regular wait time : You'll be queued up in my regular commission queue. Your commission will be added to the queue upon reception of payment. The regular wait time can be found in my waitlist.

- Rush option : Skips the queue and puts you first AFTER the commissions that are currently in progress. Adds a +100% fee to the commission.

- Deadline : Give me a specific deadline of when you need your order needs to be completed. IF DOABLE, I will let you know what the extra fee for it is. Adds a starting fee of +50% to the commission.

Long-time returning clients are considered VIPs and will have access to priority queue (shorter wait time).


Every new client that has been referred by a previous client I've worked with gets 5% off their first order. For every 10 referrals, you will get a 120€ coupon to spend on any service from my website. This can occur multiple times. Creative team commissions are not included in this offer.


In order for your referral to count, your name must be in the referral field. 


I WILL NOT issue refunds, unless I am the one cancelling the commission. If a commission I've already started working on is cancelled, no refund will be issued and I reserve the right to finish it and re-sell it. A commission that hasn't been started yet will be fully refunded. Please let me know ASAP if you need to cancel a commission as it will impact my wait time and income.

All orders are delivered by default with a Personal License. Please refer to the Licenses section below for more information.

Once fully paid for, custom designs (made to order) will not be resold or redistributed unless agreed upon by the client and myself. I'm however allowed to re-use any of the designs I made for personal use.

Unless otherwise agreed upon before the commission starts, I reserve the right to post your order in my Portfolio and on my social medias, and stream the process on Twitch or Discord. There will always be either a link to your channel or you will be tagged in any post related to your order, and you are free to join me on Twitch or Discord if you'd like to watch. Commissions will usually be posted shortly after files are delivered. If your project is meant to be kept private, please refer to the NDA section below.

I reserve the right to refuse your order if I feel uncomfortable with the subject, or feel like it's out of my range. I also reserve the right to cancel any order I'm working on if I feel strong animosity between myself and the client. I expect mutual respect between us and I won't work with rude or unreasonable people. If I decide to cancel the order after work has been started, I will issue a refund. I want you to enjoy my work as much as I enjoy doing it for you! I'm trying my best to spread the love and I work hard to make sure commissioning me is and will always be a positive experience :)

I disclaim any responsibility for copyright issues. Everything I will choose to use in your designs is 100% free for personal AND commercial use. If you send me files and you want me to use them, I will assume you are informed of your own rights about it.​

Any order commissioned may not be edited/re-used by yourself or another artist without permission. Please reach out to me if you would like to purchase an Extended License for any of your designs.

non-disclosure agreement

Work in progress screenshots of your commission may be posted on my social media and/or streamed. Once completed, it will be posted on my social media and portfolio within a few days following the delivery of the files. If your form specified that your commission should be kept private until a specific date, nothing will be posted anywhere and I will be sending you a NDA (Non-disclosure agreement) to sign. Should the date of disclosure change after the invoice has been paid, you will be charged extra accordingly.

A NDA will add a 10% fee per month of non-disclosure (based from the entire commission), AFTER completion.

The NDA fee is not eligible to discounts.

LICENSES (Personal, Commercial, Extended...)

Personal License


Any order is delivered for free by default with a Personal License. A Personal License grants the right to use the design for Personal purposes.

A Personal License ALLOWS you to : 

- Use the design (Emotes, Badges, Scenes, Overlays) on your Twitch or YouTube channel even if monetized,

A Personal License DOES NOT ALOW you to : 

- Use the design for any Commercial Purposes outside of the ones listed above. Personal use does not allow such things as: prints, merch, ad placement, promotional use,

- Edit/alter the work or send it to another artist to edit/alter without written permission,

- Redistribute the design for someone else to use, even personally.

Please inquire if you'd like more information regarding the limitations of the license.

Commercial License


If your commission involves any Commercial Purposes (prints, merch, ad placement, promotional use...), you will have to purchase a Commercial License for the item in question. If you purchase a Commercial License and want to put any of the commissioned artwork/illustration in a shop, you must still credit me as designer. 

When purchasing a Commercial License, you will receive an official License Agreement which will have to be read in full and electronically signed through Smallpdf. Your full name and real signature wil be required. Your information will be kept private.


A Commercial License doesn't allow you to edit or alter the designs. Please refer to the Extended License for that.

Licenses are not eligible to discounts!

The Commercial license will add a +100% fee to the design.

Extended License


The Extended License give you full power over the design. This includes all the perks from the Commercial License described above, as well as allowing to edit/alter the work, and redistribute it. If you purchase an Extended License and want to put any of the commissioned artwork/illustration in a shop, you must still credit me as designer. 


When purchasing an Extended, you will receive an official License Agreement which will have to be read in full and electronically signed through Smallpdf. Your full name and real signature wil be required. Your information will be kept private.

Any attempt of altering the designs without an Extended License will be reported and the work will have to be taken down.

Licenses are not eligible to discounts!

The Extended license will add a +300% fee to the design. 



Commission Request Process & Payment

Send me your commission request by filling out a commission form. Requests with minimal effort in explaining their custom graphic details will be declined. If you include a screenshot of this sentence as reference in your form, you get 10€ off your order. This only works once ! ;)


Once received, I will review your request to make sure I'm able to bring your vision to life. If you provide enough details, I will get in touch with you to approve your request and let you know your order has been queued up. If some of the details are missing, I'll contact you so we can edit what's missing together.


Based on the information provided, I will give you the price of your project and an estimated deadline.

  • If you're happy with the price and turnaround time, you will be added to my commission queue upon receipt of payment. I will message you again at least 24 hours before I start working on your order. If you don't reply within 24 hours, I'll move onto the next client and your order will be put on hold. After 2 weeks without notice, you will be pulled to the bottom of the queue. 

  • If you're not happy with the turnaround time and/or pricing of your order, you are still free to cancel the order at this stage and you won't be charged.


Once I've added you to the queue, I will send a PayPal invoice. If the order costs less than 200€, it has to be paid in full upfront. If the order costs 200€ or more, a 50% down payment is required upfront for me to start working. The rest of the payment has to be sent after the sketching phase. Delaying payment will result in not being added to the waitlist. If happening too frequently (typically over 3 times), you will be blacklisted.

Design Process

You will receive low-resolution watermarked sketches the day I tell you I'm starting the work. I can re-work on your sketches for free up to 3 times. Please make sure you tell me if you're unsatisfied with the design at this point, as this is the easiest phase for me to fix anything. Additional revisions will come for extra charge.

After sketches have been approved, I'll be working on a first base version of the design. You will receive low-resolution watermarked  screenshots of the progress of your commission, and I can only rework minor details (color fix, small elements, etc...). Additional revisions or major edits will come for extra charge.


After first version has been approved, I will move onto finalizing the design. Minor edits (color adjustment, animation speed, etc...) are allowed but at this point, if you're asking for a completely different design although you've approved of the previous versions, you will have to pay for the initial cost again.

Once your commission has been started, you will be receiving several WIP (work in progress) screenshots as I work on your commission. I need feedback and/or approval after each WIP sent. If you don't reply within 48 hours, I'll move onto the next client to wait for your feedback. After one week without notice, your order will be put on hold and resumed when you're back, after other orders started are completed.

Note : Make sure you send your feedback all at once and not detail by detail. Sending feedback bits by bits will consume your limited revisions quicker, and will result in extra charge.


Once your commission has been completed and has been fully approved, you will be receiving a final showcase/video of your entire order to make sure everything looks good. If approved, will send you the unwatermarked files at their full resolution.​

~ Pssst ! If you're happy with my work, you can show your love with a tip !

They're never expected, but always appreciated and they help a lot :D <3 Thanks for the extra luv ! 

Thank you for reading !