Hullo, I'm Lya!
I'm a freelance graphic designer, motion designer and illustrator.
I've been doing digital art since 2015 and started doing commissions as my full-time job in July 2018.

Commission status : tentative

RUSHed/deadline COMMISSIONS : tentative

Until 2022, I will only be accepting a few projects from returning clients.
Join my Discord server for updates!
you might know some of my previous clients!
Every project counts for me and I will never be pushing away smaller content creators for bigger ones.
I'm really proud of where my work got me and I can't thank you all enough for giving me these crazy opportunities.

ways to make me happy

besides sending me pictures of your pets

sharing is caring

Thanks for considering supporting me! Please know that any retweet, likes on Twitter, or just sharing your commmission experience with other people helps me tremendously. You never know how far your word or a simple retweet can go.

Thanks to all of you guys for the amazing opportunities you're giving me.

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If you're happy with the experience, you can send me a tip on Ko-fi using the button below! You can also visit my Ko-fi page to find exclusive content such as : 

- A premade design shop (Pay-to-use emotes and badges)

- A paid membership that unlocks monthly perks

- Discounted limited offers exclusive to Ko-fi

refer a friend

Every new client that has been referred by someone that has commissioned me at least once gets 5% off their first order. For every 10 referrals, you will get a 120€ coupon to spend on any service from my website. This can occur multiple times. Creative team commissions are not included in this offer.


In order for your referral to count, your name must be in the referral field. 

credit me

Crediting my Twitter page or this website in your bio and/or panels can go a long way! I'm super appreciative of those of you that take the time to add my name somwehere in their info for other people to see. If you'd like to credit me, you can download free panels here.


E-mail :

Discord tag : Lya#0420

Discord server :

Twitter : @AerlyaGraphics

Thanks for making my dream come truE.