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henlo! I'm lya.

I'm a full-time freelance artist based in France.
Please watch
this video if you'd like to learn more about me 😎.

commissions: open


Chibi by @KreutzArt

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YCH commissions (Wiggle, DJ, etc...)
can be found on my Ko-fi page.

Ko-fi members get early access !


🌿  are your ych wiggle commissions open?

If available, you will only be able to purchase a slot for my YCH commissions on my Ko-fi page. If slots are sold out, consider checking out the membership! Filling out a commission form from this website for a wiggle emote will get your form declined without notice. For updates on available slots, follow me on Twitter and/or join my Discord server.

🌿  do you have a waitlist/do you take reservations?

I do not have a waitlist nor take reservations. 

🌿  are your commissions open?

I'm open most of the year, except during Christmas holidays, week-ends and a few spontaneous days off. My commission status is updated on this website, my Trello, Twitter, and my Discord server.

🌿  how long is your wait time?

Currently about 3 months. My queue is publicly available and regularly updated with my current progress. Depending on the size of the project, I have options available for quicker delivery.

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